About Us

Dayang is an adhesive spray manufacturer with a factory building of 320,000 square meters. Its glue spray products serve many industries, such as clothing, automobiles, tooling, yachts, wind power, metal molds, printing, etc. The product R&D department of Dayang has gathered top materials science and engineering experts well-known in the chemical industry at home and abroad. Provide clients with energy-saving, environment-friendly, healthy and convenient products.

History of Dayang

In 2000, we founded Dayang Headliner Spray Adhesive Manufacturer.
In 2003, Dayang put the first bottle of spray adhesive on the market.
In 2005, Dayang developed the first transparent, triphenyl-free embroidery spray glue in China and thus obtained the first spray adhesive patent.
In 2008, Dayang produced the first batch of spray glue suitable for cross-sea projects.
In 2009, the first bottle of aerosol suitable for yachts and wind power was born.
In 2012, Dayang won the “China Excellent Private Enterprise” title.
In 2013, Dayang Technology won the honor of No. 1 sales in the adhesive spray industry and established a scholarship at Xiamen University.
In 2017, Dayang became one of the national high-tech enterprises
In 2018, Dayang Enterprise was awarded the Top Ten Excellent Enterprises in National Service Quality.
We have been absorbing excellent talents to make the enterprise continuously improve. Continuously optimize aerosol products to provide consumers with better applicability. We are committed to delivering one-stop design, research, development, and production for enterprises.

Welcome To Dayang Aerosol Chemical

Let us protect our earth with energy-saving, emission-reducing, environmentally friendly, and healthy spray adhesive products. If you have this demand, don’t hesitate just to get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the most suitable spray adhesive for your project.