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Do you worry about thread breaking when doing embroidery/sewing?
If there is a lubricant that can help you prolong thread working life, would you consider trying it?
Sprayidea lubricant is an idea for lubricating all kinds of embroidery threads. It can be used on embroidery thread for bonding and overheating protection against static electricity. So that increases the wear-resistant of the line. Suitable for cotton, twine, silk, woolen, polyester, rayon, cantile, etc.
Its misty oil and lubrication characteristics reduce the friction coefficient between the fibers. So it can achieve distinctive softness, are a good helper in embroidery.
A long shelf life of 24 months, low odor, certified by SGS, 24 pieces per carton (MOQ 1200PCS).
Can’t believe its lubricating properties? You must try it.

Anti-rust lubricating oil has high purity, anti-static, durability, environmental protection, and non-corrosiveness. It has six functions metal maintenance agent, dehumidification, rust prevention, lubrication, cleaning, and electrical conductivity—extended service life.