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Spot Lifter

When choosing an industrial sewing machine, you always look for the best quality, brand, after-sales service, etc. So are oil stain removers any different?
The best spot lifter for removing pure oil grease stains comes from Sprayidea. You can remove any pure oil stains. Such as sewing machine oil, thread lubricant oil, cooking oil, etc. You can use it on many kinds of fabrics. Such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.
It can clean your clothes without leaving any traces. It is a combination of high efficiency, eco-friendly and fast drying. The shelf life is 24 months if stored in a cool and dry place below 49°C.
Our spot lifter is environmentally friendly with an OEKO-TEX certificate. Thus, it has been used in many famous brands of garment factories from home and abroad with stringent chemical requirements.