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DAYANG headliner spray adhesive manufacturer was built in 2000. In the past 19 years, it has focused on developing and producing environmentally friendly spray adhesives.  Until today, Dayang Spray Glue Manufacturer has made headliner spray adhesive, fabric spray adhesive, stencil spray adhesive, and so on. It is now the largest spray glue manufacturer in Asia.

Provide professional spray adhesive and OEM service by experienced technical experts.

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Wholesale Product Category

Spray Adhesive

As a professional spray glue manufacturer, our spray glue meets many international testing standards. So adhesive spray is safe for the environment and people. People often use them in Screen-printing, Textile & Garment, Auto, Composites, handicrafts, Outdoor advertising, etc.

Contact Adhesive

We also manufacture contact adhesives. Our contact adhesives have passed the SGS inspection. And they meet the requirements of modern three-thick, formaldehyde-free adhesives. The industry divides contact glue into neoprene adhesive, SBS adhesive, and sponge adhesive.

Cleaner & Detergents

We have developed a series of related products. These products are designed for purification. And all cleaner products do not contain compounds such as formaldehyde. The stain remover obtains the OEKOTS certification. It can quickly remove pure oil stains from fabric, silk, wool, cotton, etc.


With the same production process as glue, our anti-rust, lubricating oil has high purity. It is anti-static, durable, environmentally friendly, and non-corrosive. The lubricating oil can also act as a metal care agent. Extend the service life of the machine. It has the functions of dehumidification and lubrication.

Why Choose Dayang Spray Glue Factory?

Dayang is the largest spray adhesive manufacturer in Asia. Focus on the production of glue spray products to meet various needs.

Choose Bulk Spray Adhesives

As China’s biggest spray adhesive manufacturer, we have a complete sewing trade aerosol products line. It has gained good feedback from customers all over the world. The line includes all-purpose glue spray, embroidery spray adhesive, stain remover, sewing thread lubricant, etc. Besides, you can contact us if you want to create your brand or need spray glue with other functions. We can develop and grow together.

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