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Contact Spray Adhesive

At Sprayidea, we offer a wide selection of high-quality aerosol adhesives designed to meet specific industrial needs.
When choosing a contact spray adhesive, the challenge is always finding an adhesive that will work safely and efficiently with the materials you are bonding and form an even, strong, long-lasting connection. Sprayidea can provide adhesive products with good coverage to achieve economic effects, improve efficiency and reduce costs for your work.
Sprayidea specializes in high-quality spray adhesive products that provide strong bonds at reasonable prices. Our R&D and production bases ensure stable delivery of your spray adhesives. Our company has contact spray adhesives with different functions to meet the needs of most applications or materials. If you’re looking for contact adhesives for industrial applications, one can always meet your needs in Sprayidea.
Our product range includes contact adhesives containing low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and methylene chloride-free adhesives (HSEA) designed to meet the most stringent regulatory regimes. All our products are packed in international safety-certified tanks and certified by international testing agencies such as IAF&SGS. It is very safe to use.
When securing laminate surfaces to other substrates, you can choose sprayidea contact spray glue. Because it has high solid content, it will have a perfect effect.
We can provide you with comprehensive advice to make the product achieve the best results in the use process. At the same time, we also have demo videos to show the effect and method of use. It has the largest usable temperature range and the highest solids content to make the strongest bond.
We want our clients to get the best results from our contact spray adhesive.