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High Temperature Spray Adhesive

I found a spray glue that is super suitable for screen printing in the work of screen printing.
Sprayidea 90 high temperature spray adhesive is a chlorine-free high-temperature spray glue suitable for the screen printing industry. Great for bonding fabric, cloth, paper, and other lightweight materials. It is also great for heat transfer, quilting, decals, and other temporary bonding applications.
High-temperature resistance up to 200°C;
Triphenyl-free, formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly;
Uniform particles, low odor, no transfer to fabrics;
Long open repositioning time, super sticky.
The entire operation only takes a few minutes. Who doesn’t like something so practical? Our MOQ is 31 boxes (1 box * 24 bottles), and the price has an absolute advantage. Come and try it!