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Headliner Spray Adhesive

In a city with extreme temperatures, the outside temperature can reach over 104°F (40°C) in summer. When you put the car outside for a long time, the temperature can get over 160°F (70°C). If you need a spray adhesive with high-temperature resistance, it will be best for you to choose Sprayidea 97 headliner spray glue. They can effectively avoid damage to the roof caused by high and low-temperature environments.
Easy to use, wild application range, repeatable positioning. If you can’t guarantee a perfect one-time paste when attaching a car roof, this feature will be your lifesaver, and you can adjust those wrinkled places anytime.
When choosing a suitable car ceiling fabric glue, the product’s high-temperature resistance, adhesive strength, anti-aging time, spray coverage area, convenience, etc., should be considered comprehensively. If you store Sprayidea 97 best glue for headliner in a cool, dry environment, it guarantees a 24-month shelf life in an unopened package. It also keeps your car headliner in place for a long time after use.

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We are an industry leader in the production of headliner aerosol glue spray. Our goal is to produce top quality adhesives, hence we are involved in research, manufacturing and marketing processes. The one-stop-factory for Asia’s aerosol solutions is us. We are dedicated to meeting customers’ specifications by designing personalized formulations. These offers encompass ODM & OEM services; contact us whenever you need these services that will promote your business growth.

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