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Quilting Spray Adhesive

When sewing some projects, do you worry about the fabric wrinkling on the sewing machine? You will not worry about them when using our quilting spray adhesives.
You can use our quilting spray glue to keep the fabric in place when sewing projects. Sprayidea sprays glue evenly on the fabric. The spraying area is large, and the atomization effect is excellent. It is easy to pour and lay and not easy to wrinkle and fold on the machine. And it will not fall off easily.
Last but not least, another advantage is that it saves fixing time, for it can be positioned repeatedly within 30-60s. And our Sprayidea Quilting spray adhesive does not transfer, does not stick to needles, does not dye, is non-toxic, and has no harmful substances to the human body. It is suitable for appliques, quilting, handicrafts, etc. It is a good helper that everyone needs in most industries.