Wallpaper Spray Adhesive

When you use self-adhesive wall stickers to decorate your beloved house, do you often encounter the wallpaper warped and degummed? Are you looking for a glue to solve this problem?
It took us 20 years of research and testing to create Sprayidea Wallpaper spray glue to bond wallpaper. Sprayidea Wallpaper Spray glue can easily meet the bonding needs between ordinary pure paper, non-woven fabrics, fabrics, PVC, and other wallpaper materials in the market and cement or wood walls. It has the advantages of strong stickiness, repeatable pasting, environmental protection, and non-toxicity.
Sprayidea Wallpaper Spray Adhesive has a high-temperature resistance of 65° and a precision twist nozzle, so it is not afraid to be used in a small environment. Without a doubt, this is a great product to help you improve your home.

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