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Low Tack Spray Adhesive

Oh, beautiful designers, your designs are stunning. Seeing your distressed appearance, have you encountered any problems? I can help you! Are you worried that the adhesives will ruin your beautiful designs? Do not be afraid. Low-tack spray adhesive can help you! This glue is a low-tack spray adhesive that can reposition for temporary and permanent bonding. It allows you to position stencils and paper and temporarily secure them for painting or spraying designs. It has the characteristics of quick-drying, environmental protection, and transparency to get an excellent user experience during operation. Its low viscosity can not only meet the requirements of pasting your materials but also will not destroy your exquisite design due to the wrong paste and need to be re-pasted. picture
Easy to use, suitable for bonding a variety of lightweight materials such as paper, sheet metal, and wood. Unopened packaging, stored in a cool and dry place at any temperature between 5°C and 25°C. |
The shelf life is 24 months.
The MOQ is 30 cases (24 pieces per case).
Temperature resistance: -30°-65°C