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Web Spray Adhesive

When you buy spray adhesive, you will find that there are mainly two types. 1. mist spray adhesive 2. web spray adhesive, both used to glue objects. So why would the spray glue be any different?
The most apparent difference between them is the shape of the glue sprayed out. The stickiness of the web spray glue will be much stronger than the mist one. The most common web spray glue is mainly used in these materials:
1. rigid materials such as various boards
2. soft materials such as sponge sofa foam
3. high-temperature resistant materials such as car roof maintenance.
One of the best web spray glues for hard materials such as boards is Sprayidea 31 spray adhesive. It is an ideal high-strength universal spray adhesive for panels. You can use it for bonding fire-rated boards, aluminum boards, and wood boards, making it a perfect web spray glue for construction.
It is easy to operate and has a wide range of applications. It can withstand extreme temperature environments of -30°C to 90°C. If you don’t open it and store it in a cool and dry place between 5°C to 25°C, the product’s shelf life is 24 months.
Customers have long used our web spray glue in different industries all over China. Even now, we have steadily supplied to many developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Its ease of use and multiple applications make Sprayidea adhesive the best choice for anyone looking for the best web spray glue customer’s best friend.