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Screen Printing Spray Adhesive

When you plan to print, you will prepare what you think is the most appropriate ink material and the best performance equipment. Still, because the machine is constantly moving in the printing process, there may be printing position offset, and so on. A cost-effective screen printing spray glue may be able to help you solve it.
Sprayidea Screen Printing Spray glue is specially designed for the screen printing industry. It can not only fix the fabric in the printing process so that it can not offset but also be used to paste paper, cloth, and other lightweight materials temporarily. If you have VOC limits, don’t worry, we have low-VOC products!
The high-temperature screen printing spray adhesive is suitable for normal and high temperatures. It is a powerful assistant in textile screen printing work! Even if it reaches 200 degrees, it will not change its properties. It will not transfer the fabric during printing and can achieve repeated positioning.

What different between these screen printing spray adhesives?

These spray adhesives are all designed for screen printing, but they have different applications and features:

  • Low VOC Screen Printing Pallet Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 87 spray adhesive is designed to secure screen printing pallets in place, reducing movement or shaking during the printing process.

  • Low VOC Heat Transfer HighTemp Screen Frame Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 91 spray adhesive is designed to secure screen printing frames in place during high-temperature heat transfer printing.

  • Sprayidea 86 Spray Adhesive for Textile Printing

This spray adhesive is designed for textile printing and can secure printing materials such as fabrics, papers, and silks in place for printing.

  • Temporary Fabric Screen Printing Frame Heat Transfer Adhesive Spray

Sprayidea 83 web spray adhesive is designed to provide temporary support for screen printing frames during heat transfer printing on fabrics, which can be easily removed after printing.

What advantages of these screen printing spray adhesives in Sprayidea?

Compared to other adhesives for screen printing on the market, these spray adhesives have the following advantages:

  1. Low VOC: These spray adhesives use a low volatile organic compound (VOC) formula, which has a smaller impact on the environment and health.
  2. Temporary: One of the spray adhesives is temporary and can be easily removed after the printing process, while many adhesives on the market are permanent and difficult to remove.
  3. High-temperature resistance: Some spray adhesives have high-temperature resistance and are suitable for hot transfer printing and other high-temperature printing processes.
  4. Wide applicability: These spray adhesives are suitable for different types of printing materials, such as textiles, paper, silk, and more.
  5. Repositionable: After spraying glue, the positioning can be repeated to determine the accuracy of the printing position.

Overall, these spray adhesives have advantages such as low VOC, temporary nature, high-temperature resistance, and wide applicability, making them suitable for different types of screen printing applications.