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Upholstery Spray Adhesive

Depending on the type of decoration you want, you may need to buy more than one type of glue. Because only some upholstery spray adhesives are universal. If you choose the right one, it will save you a lot of trouble. Sprayidea upholstery spray glue has achieved the top of the industry.

Spray glue for upholstery has many advantages.

  • Sprayidea 32 upholstery spray glue specially developed for upholstery underlayment.
  • Upholstery adhesive spray will achieve the best effect when you use it as interior decoration.
  • Upholstery glue spray helps you complete your work efficiently while protecting your family’s health better.
The MOQ is 30 boxes (1 box of 24 pieces).

What upholstery materials can these spray adhesives bond?

Upholstery spray adhesive has the perfect strength bonding with these materials:

  • foams
  • leather
  • carpet
  • fabrics
  • wooden board
  • metal
  • glass material, etc.

Low VOC, environmentally friendly, and high efficiency are its most significant characteristics.

The Applications of Upholstery Glue Spray

Application Sprayidea 958 Composites
Spray Adhesive
Foam Fast Spray Adhesive 36 Sponge Spray Adhesive 32
wind turbine blade    
aircraft carbon cover    
yacht and ship    
auto engine hood    
motorcycle helmet    
glass fiber and carbon fiber    
foam lamination  
PEF board    
sound-insulation foam    

Upholstery Glue Spray for Temporary 

You will find that different products have different application ranges. If you need to fix the position temporarily, you can choose Sprayidea 958 Composites Spray Adhesive. It is a temporary spray glue. Unlike other spray glues, its stickiness is strong, although it is a quick spray glue. You can paste it repeatedly to find the most suitable position.

Upholstery Spray Glue for Fabric

If you are only using it to repair the surface of the broken furniture cushion, you can choose Foam Fast Spray Adhesive 36. It is a permanent spray adhesive. It also does not penetrate the fabric's surface, dries quickly, and is very sticky. It is a low-VOC and low-odor product. When you use it at home, you won't smell a pungent and unpleasant smell. Last but not least, it will not affect people's health.

Best Spray Adhesive for Upholstery Foam

If you use it on home sound insulation materials, you can choose Sponge Spray Adhesive 32. It can ensure that the state of the sound insulation cotton is not affected during the pasting process. Make it achieve the best sound insulation effect.

You can contact us if you have other performance requirements for upholstery spray glue. We can recommend the most suitable spray glue according to your needs or customize spray adhesive. Not only can you customize the appearance but also the spray glue formula.

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