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Carpet Spray Adhesive

When you install the carpet, you will use various adhesives to fix the carpet to avoid displacement. There is no doubt that carpet spray adhesive is the fastest choice. Sprayidea 32 Carpet spray glue is specially designed for installing the carpet. No smell, whether indoors or outdoors, can be used with peace of mind. The spraying area is extensive; usually, one bottle can meet the work of a room of 10 square meters. The work efficiency is greatly improved, and it is easy to handle the installation of carpets.
Except for carpets, any closed-cell foam products are applicable. And it has been widely used in sofas, heat preservation, and sound-absorbing industries.

Choosing the best carpet adhesive spray

When you choose to lay a carpet on the ground, consider the comfort of the rug. Besides, it would be best to consider whether the mat will move. One way to keep the carpet in place is to use glue to fix it when you are laying it. Another way is to use carpet tacks.People often use carpet adhesive instead of the stack. There are many types of carpet glue. If you need to use the carpet immediately after laying, spray glue is the best choice.

Next, you will clearly understand what application you can use for the carpet adhesive spray. 

applicationpolystyrene insulation spray adhesive 33foam fast spray adhesive 36contact sponge adhesivefoam spray adhesive 32T
HVAC industry   
acoustic industry   
insulation industry   
thermal insulation   
extruded board   
rock wool  
foam lamination   
acoustic panels   
PE foam   
polyurethane foam   
foam backed carpet   
sound-proof decoration   
high density materials   
high thickness foam   
crest cotton   
egg cotton   
pyramid foam   

What need to know when choosing the carpet spray adhesive?

You need to clarify the usage scenario of the carpet. If you need to lay the carpet in large areas such as airports or shopping malls, Sprayidea DY-22 Contact Sponge Adhesive is the best choice. It is available in various sizes. The smallest 3L can spray 10-12 square meters at a time, and the largest 18L can spray 60-72 square meters at a time. So when you need to spray a large area, DY-22 is the best carpet adhesive.

Sprayidea 36 Foam Fast Adhesive Spray is the best choice if you are laying carpets at home. It is a low-VOC spray glue. So it can provide a healthy indoor environment. Even if you have a baby at home, there is no need to worry about harm to the child due to the use of glue.

Of course, the best way is to tell us your needs, and our professional team will choose the best products for you.