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Carpet Spray Adhesive

When you install the carpet, you will use various adhesives to fix the carpet to avoid displacement. There is no doubt that carpet spray adhesive is the fastest choice. Sprayidea carpet spray glue series is specially designed for installing the carpet. No smell, whether indoors or outdoors, can be used with peace of mind. The spraying area is extensive; usually, one bottle can meet the work of a 10-square-meter room. The work efficiency is greatly improved, and it is easy to handle the installation of carpets.
Except for carpets, any closed-cell foam products are applicable. And it has been widely used in sofas, heat preservation, and sound-absorbing industries.

Choosing the best carpet adhesive spray

When you choose to lay a carpet on the ground, consider the comfort of the rug as well as its safety and stability. One way to keep the carpet in place is to use glue to fix it when you are laying it. Another way is to use carpet tacks, but people often use carpet adhesive instead of the tacks. If you need to use the carpet immediately after laying, spray glue is the best choice.

Next, you will clearly understand what applications and performance you can get from the carpet adhesive spray. 

Sprayidea 32L Sprayidea 32T Sprayidea 32 Sprayidea 33 Sprayidea 36 Sprayidea 93
Color Light yellow White Translucent Translucent Translucent Translucent
Scent A bit odor Normal odor Low odor Low odor Odorless Low odor
Anti-aging 1-3 years 1-3 years 3-5 years 3-5 years 3-5 years 3-5 years
Adhesion Light material Medium Heavy duty Heavy duty Heavy duty Heavy duty
Initial tack Low Medium High High High High
Solid content Low Medium High High High High
Effect time 1 minute 1 minute 30-60s 30-60s 30-60s 30-60s
Carpet Perfect Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable
Upholstery Suitable Perfect Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable
Sofa/mattress Suitable Suitable Perfect Suitable Suitable Suitable
Insulation Suitable Suitable Suitable Perfect Suitable Suitable
Foam Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable Perfect Suitable
Acoustic Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable Perfect

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Professional Carpet Spray Adhesive: An ideal choice for commercial and residential projects


Key Features and Advantages of Our Carpet Spray Adhesives:

Our carpet spray adhesives are a reliable choice for various projects. They have heavy-duty bonding strength and high cure speed. They are also versatile and eco-friendly, with an adjustable spray nozzle. These features help with efficiency, safety, and precision in application.

Now, if you have any specific questions or if there's a particular aspect you'd like to delve deeper into, feel free to let us know!

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Application of carpet spray adhesive

Several types of carpet spray adhesive to fit different people and occasions’ demands like:

Skilled Carpet Installation Contractor

You know how important it is to be precise and reliable when you install carpets. Our spray adhesives meet the highest industry standards. They will make your carpet installations seamless and durable. You can trust our adhesive solutions to make your work more efficient. They reduce installation time and give you perfect results that will impress your clients.

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Skilled Carpet Installation Contractor
Commercial and Residence Project

Commercial and Residence Project

Improve your commercial and residential projects with our high-quality spray adhesives. Our adhesives provide a strong bond. They are perfect for both corporate spaces and home interiors. Our products are versatile, easy to apply, and long-lasting. They ensure that your projects are known for their quality and durability.

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Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier

You are a carpet manufacturer and supplier. You know you need reliable bonding solutions to make your products more appealing. Our spray adhesives are made to make a strong and consistent bond. This will help your carpets stay in good condition and look nice for a long time. Work with us to meet the product combo needs of your customers and make business more comprehensive and competitive.

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Large Commercial Venue, Convention and Exhibition Center, Event Planning Company

Large-scale venues and event planners need efficient installations. Our spray adhesives are reliable and quick for carpet installations. They create a professional and seamless look for your events. Be assured our products are for secure and efficient bonding. They make every event successful with excellence.

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Local Spray Adhesive Distributors

As a local spray adhesive distributor, offering our products to your customers means providing them with high-quality solutions for various applications. Our range of spray adhesives caters to diverse needs. It is a guarantee of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Partner with us to expand your product supplying and meet the demands of a market that values reliability and performance in adhesive solutions.

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What need to know when choosing the carpet spray adhesive?

Firstly you need to clarify your carpet installation areas. If you need to lay the carpet in large areas such as airports or shopping malls, Sprayidea DY-22 Contact Sponge Adhesive is the best choice. It is also available in several different sizes to fit your dosage demands. The smallest 3L can cover 10-12 square meters totally, and the largest 18L can cover 60-72 square meter totally. So when you need to install carpets in large areas, DY-22 is the best carpet adhesive.

Sprayidea 36 Foam Fast Adhesive Spray is the best choice if you are laying carpets at home. Thought all of our carpet spray adhesives are eco-friendly, Sprayidea 36 is the low VOC spray glue up to US CARB which is the most stringent standard in the world at present. So it can provide a healthy indoor environment. Even if you have a baby at home, there is no need to worry about harm to the child due to the use of glue.

Of course you would probably face with some other more complex projects or applications. Take it easy, the best way is to tell us your needs, and our professional team will choose the best products for you.

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FAQ About Carpet Spray Adhesive

Our products are specially designed for foam backed materials, does no harm to all soft substrates, they are eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Please leave your detailed address and contact information to us, we will ask our local distributor to contact you. In case that we don’t have distributor in your area, we will also contact you to discuss about delivery from China directly.

Quality guaranteed for 2 years from the manufacture date on the bottom of bottle. However, customers also convince its performance even exceeding the guaranteed period.

According to market demands we have developed different anti-aging types vary from 1 to 5 years.

Our spray adhesives are designed to be web spray pattern, also the 360°rotatable nozzle helps you operation in different directions and widths.

Our carpet spray adhesive turns to be a fast action one as it has high initial tack, usually after 30-60s the solvents will volatilize and then you can leave for other works.

It depends on your carpet size and operation method. Usually for a skilled contractor, he can finish 8-12㎡ coverage with one bottle.