Buy Cheap and High-Quality Carpet Spray Adhesive from Sprayidea

When it comes to carpet installations, finding a suitable adhesive is essential. It should strike a balance between quality and affordability. Sprayidea takes the lead by providing cost-effective solutions. They offer a range of carpet spray adhesives. The adhesives deliver exceptional performance and are budget-friendly. Let’s look at the prices of some of our key products. We’ll highlight their affordability. You can buy them in bulk through Sprayidea’s Alibaba page or office website.

About Sprayidea

Sprayidea is our brand under Dongguan Dayang Aerosol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It is recognized as the largest spray glue manufacturer in Asia. We have over 19 years of experience. We have been developing and producing environment-friendly spray adhesives. Our products meet many international testing standards. They are safe for both the environment and people.

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Sprayidea’s Carpet Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea’s carpet adhesive is not just another product in the market. It’s a result of extensive research and innovation. What sets it apart is its advanced formulation. The adhesive is designed to be pressure-sensitive, meaning it retains tackiness and allows for repositioning of the carpet for optimal alignment. This feature is handy in intricate designs or patterns where precision is critical.

The spray adhesive, Sprayidea 32, is specially designed for carpet installation. It is incredible and long-lasting. It’s odorless, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its aerosol form allows for easy and even application, ensuring a uniform adhesive layer. One of the standout features of this adhesive is its versatility. This spray adhesive is known for its exceptional bonding strength and is capable of securely adhering carpets to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood, and more. The spraying area is extensive, with one bottle usually sufficient for a room of 10 square meters. This efficiency makes it an excellent choice for large areas. For example, airports or shopping malls.

Additionally, its quick-drying nature accelerates the installation process, allowing for immediate foot traffic, which is particularly beneficial in commercial settings where time is of the essence. Furthermore, the product is designed with user safety in mind, low in odor and free from harmful solvents.

Environmental Considerations

In an era where environmental impact is a major concern, Sprayidea steps up with its eco-friendly approach. The adhesive is formulated with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), significantly reducing its environmental footprint. This benefit not only makes it safer for the planet but also for the people who are using it, ensuring better indoor air quality.

Technical Specifications

By delving into the technicalities, Sprayidea’s carpet adhesive has an optimal spray pattern that ensures comprehensive coverage. Its unique nozzle design minimizes waste and overspray, ensuring every bit of the adhesive is utilized efficiently. This technical precision not only enhances the product’s effectiveness but also contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Excellence: Sprayidea’s Affordable Carpet Spray Adhesives

1. Sprayidea 32 – Budget-Friendly Bonding

The Sprayidea 32 Carpet Spray Adhesive is a cost-effective choice. It offers non-corrosive bonding for your carpet installation needs. The price of this adhesive ranges between US$1.60 and US$2.00 per piece. It combines affordability with high performance. Its light-yellow elegance and mild odor make it a versatile option for various projects. This product ensures you get value for your investment.

2. Multipurpose Sealant Aerosol Adhesive Spray Glue for Carpet – Versatility on a Budget

The Multipurpose Sealant Aerosol Adhesive is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly adhesive. It is also multipurpose. This adhesive is priced between US$1.68 and US$2.00 per piece. It provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for a range of applications. It is beyond carpets. Its versatility makes it a go-to option for various projects, ensuring you get more for your money.

3. Sprayidea 33 – Non-Toxic Thermal Insulation Champion

The Sprayidea 33 Non-Toxic Thermal Insulation Material Sponge Spray Adhesive is affordable for specialized applications. The adhesive costs US$1.50 to US$2.00. It’s made for non-toxic thermal insulation projects. Its competitive pricing ensures that even specialized needs can be met. It doesn’t compromise on budget considerations.


4. Sprayidea 36 – Low VOC SBS Upholstery Aerosol Spray Adhesive

Those who prioritize low-VOC solutions consider Sprayidea 36 as their ideal choice. It doesn’t compromise on performance. The price of this adhesive ranges from US$1.80 to US$2.17 per piece. It is designed specifically for upholstery applications. This makes it suitable for foam carpets and other related projects. Its low VOC content aligns with environmental standards. It also maintains a cost-effective price point.

If you want to know why you need to consider low VOC when buying spray adhesives, you can read this article: Why Is Low VOC Important For Spray Adhesives?


5. Sprayidea 93 – Acoustic Panel Spray Adhesive for Sound Insulation

Sprayidea 93 is a specialized adhesive. It is manufacturer-direct. It is mainly for acoustic materials, foam, leather, and sound insulation. Plus, it doesn’t break the budget. This adhesive has a competitive price of US$1.60 to US$2.17 per piece. It caters to projects where sound insulation is paramount. It’s a testament to Sprayidea’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions for diverse applications.


User Guide

Using Sprayidea carpet adhesive is straightforward. Before application:

  • Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust.
  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Hold the can approximately 20-30 cm from the surface and spray evenly.
  • Wait a few seconds for the adhesive to become tacky, then lay down the carpet, pressing firmly for optimal adhesion.

It’s essential to ensure proper ventilation during application and follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

operation of carpet spray adhesive 32

Bulk Purchases for Greater Savings

Sprayidea understands the importance of offering cost-effective solutions, especially when purchasing bulk. Sprayidea’s Alibaba page or website provides additional cost savings. Whether you’re a contractor working on multiple projects or a distributor serving a diverse clientele, buying in bulk through them is brilliant. You benefit from their performance when you buy larger quantities of these high-quality adhesives. You also enjoy substantial savings.

Elevate Your Projects with Sprayidea

Ease of Purchase on Alibaba

Sprayidea has simplified the procurement process through our Alibaba page. You can explore detailed product information, customer reviews, and competitive pricing here. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for bulk purchases. You can efficiently navigate through the available options. You can place orders in line with your project requirements.

Convenient Website Purchases

Alibaba and Sprayidea’s websites are convenient platforms for buying cost-effective carpet spray adhesives. The website provides a seamless experience. You can easily browse products, access technical information, and place orders. You can choose Alibaba or the official website. Sprayidea ensures a hassle-free purchasing process.


Sprayidea’s carpet adhesive finds its application in a variety of settings. It is commonly used for living room and bedroom carpet installations in residential homes. Its quick drying and strong bonding properties make it an ideal choice in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and retail stores. The ease of application also makes it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts who prefer to undertake home improvement projects themselves.

application of carpet spray adhesive

Why Choose Sprayidea?

Affordability: Sprayidea offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality.

Quality Assurance: Our adhesives ensure a strong and lasting bond with high-performance formulations.

Versatility: From carpets and upholstery to insulation and acoustic projects, Sprayidea products cater to diverse applications.

Real Stories, Real Impact: Customer Experiences

The impact of Sprayidea’s carpet adhesive is best illustrated through customer experiences. Professionals in the flooring industry praise its ease of use and time-saving properties. Homeowners appreciate the minimal odor and the long-lasting results. These testimonials underscore the adhesive’s effectiveness and user-friendliness, cementing its status as a preferred choice.


Sprayidea is a leader in the industry. They provide high-quality carpet spray adhesives at affordable prices. Our products are cost-effective. Sprayidea 32, Multipurpose Sealant Aerosol Adhesive, and Sprayidea 33 exemplify this. This makes them accessible to a wide range of customers. Sprayidea’s cost-effective solutions help contractors, distributors, and consumers achieve outstanding results in their carpet projects. They can do this without compromising their budget. Explore the options available on Sprayidea’s Alibaba page or website. Experience the perfect blend of quality and affordability in carpet adhesive solutions.