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Craft Spray Adhesive

Art is the display of human civilization, and everyone has the behavior to shape art. Students’ handicrafts in the classroom, the production of advertising calligraphy and painting in life, the artwork created in the studio, etc. These artistic behaviors are all inseparable from a handy spray glue product.
Craft Spray Adhesive is specially developed for pasting wallpaper. Craft spray glue has been researched and tested for 20 years. Fast pasting time, non-corrosiveness, and fine operation are the most demanded feedback among sprayidea’s customer groups. We can confidently say that our products have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, re-pasting, and easy operation. You can use it to bond cardboard, paper, foils, fabrics and more. Craft spray glue has many uses in many industries and everyday life.
No matter you are engaged in any craft activities, it is enough to choose Sprayidea Craft Spray Adhesive!