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Craft Spray Adhesive

Art is the display of human civilization, and everyone has the behavior to shape art. Students’ handicrafts in the classroom, the production of advertising calligraphy and painting in life, the artwork created in the studio, etc. These artistic behaviors are all inseparable from a handy spray glue product.
Craft Spray Adhesive is specially developed for pasting wallpaper. Craft spray glue has been researched and tested for 20 years. Fast pasting time, non-corrosiveness, and fine operation are the most demanded feedback among sprayidea’s customer groups. We can confidently say that our products have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, re-pasting, and easy operation. You can use it to bond cardboard, paper, foils, fabrics and more. Craft spray glue has many uses in many industries and everyday life.
No matter you are engaged in any craft activities, it is enough to choose Sprayidea Craft Spray Adhesive!

Craft Spray Adhesive Manufacturer

We are a professional aerosol glue manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. In addition, we are also the largest aerosol one-stop solution provider in Asia. Our strength is to develop products with different formulations according to the diverse needs of our customers. We provide ODM & OEM service. Just contact us to grow your business.

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Benefits of Sprayidea craft spray adhesives

High Efficiency

Using a temporary spray adhesive for crafting is very convenient. It is simple and quick to operate. Using it in the process of handicraft production can greatly improve work efficiency.

Low Permeability And Moderate Viscosity

At the same time, our craft spray glue has low permeability and moderate viscosity. It ensures that paper and other materials pasted will not be damaged or wrinkled. So even very light materials can be positioned repeatedly without worrying about the problem of wrong pasting.

FAQ About spray adhesive for crafts

Is there a spray adhesive for paper crafts that is safe for babies or children?

Our product itself is environmentally friendly and non-toxic so that children can use it with confidence. But for young children or infants, it should be used under the guidance of adults. Avoid swallowing or spraying into the eyes by children due to improper handling.

Are there low VOC options available for craft spray adhesive?

Low VOC craft spray adhesives are not currently included in our product line. But we are a professional manufacturer of aerosol adhesives integrating R&D, production and sales. We are also a large one-stop solution provider for aerosol adhesives in Asia. So, we can develop products with low VOC and other formulas that meet the requirements according to the different needs of customers.

What are the differences between spray adhesive and other types of crafting adhesives, such as glue or tape?

Compared with glue sticks or tapes, craft spray glue is famous for its simple, convenient, and quick operation. One spray can cover all the materials that need to be pasted, saving time and effort. And it is more friendly and convenient for the opposite sex. Spraying glue can make the glued surface more uniform. Using glue spray can improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of the hand-made workpiece.

What is the best permanent adhesive spray for felt crafts?

It is recommended to use Sprayidea35 to make felt crafts. Firstly, Sprayidea35 is a spray glue for permanent sticking. Secondly, Sprayidea35 is more viscous and is more suitable for sticking felt materials. In addition, Sprayidea35 is also a high-atomization spray glue, which can also be positioned repeatedly.

What are some alternative uses for spray adhesive in crafting beyond just attaching materials?

The main purpose of craft spray glue is to bond materials. In addition, it can also be used for permanent or temporary bonding of lightweight materials such as garment cutting, screen printing, quilting, and appliqué.

How to use craft spray adhesive?

  1. Shake well before use to mix the contents well.
  2. Lightly press the nozzle to evenly spray the glue on all the surfaces of the materials to be bonded.
  3. Wait for 30-60 seconds before connecting the materials.
  4. The positioning can be repeated within the first 30 minutes, and the permanent paste effect can be achieved after the glue is fully cured.
  5. If you only need to paste temporarily, you can spray one-sided material.
  6. After use, you can invert the jar and press the nozzle for 2-3 seconds to spray out the residue in the nozzle.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using spray adhesive for crafting?

  1. Ensure that the workplace has good ventilation and keep away from open flames or sources of ignition.
  2. Keep away from children.
  3. Do not spray on eyes, mouth and other important and sensitive parts. If it accidentally gets into eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.
  4. Spray all the gel in the bottle before discarding.
  5. Do not pierce or fire.

How do I remove spray adhesive from crafting materials?

It is recommended to use our Sprayidea103 super glue remover. It can quickly and effectively remove residual glue such as spray glue, self-adhesive, tape,etc.

In addition, if our spray glue is sprayed out beyond the open time and still has no adhesion, its viscosity will gradually weaken. If it has been sprayed on paper and other very thin materials that are not suitable for glue remover, just put the glued material in the air and wait.