Why Multi Purpose Spray Adhesives Are The Best Choice For Handicraft ?

In handicraft production, we all know we can use liquid glue and solid glue to produce. But have you ever known you can use multi-purpose spray adhesive for a better effect? Why it be a good choice for handicraft production? Today we are going to analyze that.

Liquid glue

Liquid glue is a common adhesive used in handicraft production. It is easy to apply. And you can use it on a variety of materials. However, it can take longer to dry and may require clamping or other methods to ensure a strong bond. But most handicrafts would not be able to move again once they finish setting.

Solid Glue

Solid glue, such as glue sticks or hot glue, one of its disadvantages is that it requires a special applicator. Usually, the special applicator points to a glue gun, which can be costly and difficult to use for beginners. Then it will not be so beautiful if we can not hide them well. It can be messy and difficult to remove if applied improperly or if the bond needs to be broken.

Spray adhesive

Spray adhesive is easy to use and dries quickly, making it ideal for small projects requiring a fast bond. But why do we prefer multi-purpose spray adhesive? Because it can be used on various materials, including paper, fabric, and foam. And it provides both temporary and permanent bonding.


In summary, spray adhesives can offer advantages to replace the disadvantages of other glues. That is the reason we choose it for handicraft production. Choosing the suitable adhesive for a project depends on the requirements and materials involved.