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Choosing A High Quality Embroidery Spray Adhesive

Embroidery spray adhesive, a widely recognized chemical synthetic adhesive product. It is widely used in garments, home textiles, toys and other fields. At present, there are few top spray adhesive brands in the market and only a few in the textile embroidery industry. It can be said that there are different brands with different benefits. Therefore, choosing the right one according to the product characteristics and your situation is vital.

How to choose an effective and healthy multipurpose spray adhesives?

How to choose an effective and healthy multipurpose spray adhesives

Have you ever met the problem that spray adhesive would not bond well? Do you have ever purchased the industrial spray adhesive that smells terrible? Have you ever had many workers fall ill after they stay in the workshop? That may be caused by unqualified spray glue. Here, we find 2 rules. If you follow them, you can choose a rather good product.

Choosing between Bulk and Spray Adhesives: Pros and Cons in Industrial Manufacturing

Bulk vs Spray Adhesives in Industrial Manufacturing

This article compares the pros and cons of using bulk adhesives versus spray adhesives in industrial manufacturing. It discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each option, highlighting factors such as ease of use, speed, and efficiency. Whether you’re in the furniture production or upholstery industry, this article will help you make an informed decision on which adhesive option to choose.