Spray Adhesives for Creating Embroidered Patches: Comprehensive Guide

In the embroidered industry, these patches are creative and versatile, adding a touch of creativity. Traditional ways of designing patches involve threads and needles. In the embroidery business, various spray glues are ideal choices for creating embroidering patches. Significantly, spray adhesives make it easy to attach the embroidery patches to the clothing materials. Thus, this adds a touch of flair to the overall look. 

This article explores a comprehensive guide on creating embroidered patches using spray adhesives. Also, we will delve into the factors while choosing the embroidery spray adhesives and the best spray adhesives available on the market by Sprayidea.

What are Embroidery Spray Adhesives?

Embroidery spray adhesives are specialized temporary bonding agents designed to revolutionize your patch-making experience. Unlike regular spray adhesives, these formulas are gentle on fabrics and are easy to remove afterward. They play a crucial role in creating crisp, professional-looking embroidered patches by solving a common challenge – fabric movement.

Benefits of Embroidery Spray Adhesives for Creating Patches

There are various benefits of using embroidery spray adhesives for creating patches. The benefits are as follows: 

Prevents Fabric Slipping 

Previously, the traditional method was using needle and thread. Various spray glues help to attach the patch to the fabric. Furthermore, this keeps the patch intact in the fabric.

Improved Efficiency 

It is challenging to shift the fabric cloth to the embroidery. Therefore, spray adhesives save time and make it easy to attach patches. 

Versatile Choice for Fabrics 

Felt is a common choice for patch bases due to its stability. Therefore, embroidery spray adhesives allow easily attach to fabrics. Using lightweight materials such as linen and cotton is an ideal choice. This makes it easy to create colorful embroidered designs.

Enhanced Accuracy 

Another benefit of using spray adhesive is that it removes the fabric movement. The embroidery spray adhesive accurately stitches the patches to the fabric. Consistent stitch placement translates to a cleaner and more polished final product.

Easy to Re-position 

If you use an embroidery spray adhesive, it is easy to fine-tune the placement of your fabric before fixing it permanently. It ensures the perfect alignment of embroidered patches to the fabric.

Easy Removal 

After stitching, the embroidered spray adhesive is easy to remove from your fabric with no residue. It leaves your patch clean and ready for use.

Embroidery spray adhesives are valuable tools for both beginner and experienced embroiderers. They simplify the patch-making process, leading to professional-looking results and a more enjoyable creative experience.

Which is the Best Brand of Embroidered Spray Adhesives?

Numerous brands offer these adhesives when it comes to finding the perfect partner. Sprayidea is one of the best brands well-known in the embroidery industry. The formula of these spray adhesives is designed in such a way that they are gentle on fabrics. These spray adhesives create a temporary hold. This attribute ensures that there is no permanent damage to the clothing material. Also, it does not leave any stubborn residues. If you use spray adhesive, it is easy to readjust the fabric. It ensures reduced frustration and a smooth workflow.

Embroidered Spray Adhesives Available at Sprayidea

Low VOC Embroidery Spray Glue for Fabric 

low voc fabric spray adhesive

The low-VOC embroidery spray glue has a low odor and VOC. It is a transparent glue that is suitable for use on all kinds of fabric materials. This spray glue is the best choice to use for children’s clothes. The composition of this spray glue does not contain CFCs and remains tacky for 45 minutes. Thus, the Sprayidea 82 Low-VOC spray adhesive is suitable for temporary bonding applications. These scenarios include quilting, basting, handicrafts, and appliques. 

Super 99 Fabric Embroidery Adhesive Glue 

Sprayidea Super 99 Embroidery spray glue

The Super 99 Embroidery spray glue is free of harsh chemicals and chlorinated solvents. This ensures that it does not damage your fabrics and does not pose any health risks. This spray glue for embroidery is odorless and does not leave any stain. This spray glue formula offers options for different fabric types. This is designed for white fabrics to avoid any potential discoloration. This spray glue is a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys embroidery, cutting projects, or other crafts that require temporary bonding of fabrics, thin films, and paper.

Sprayidea 81 Spray for Embroidery Machine

Sprayidea 81 Best Embroidery Spray Adhesive For Machine Embroidery

This 81 Spray adhesive is the best choice for embroidery machines. This spray adhesive has a combination of top-notch performance and safety features. This glue helps to develop a quick bond between your fabric and the stabilizer. Furthermore, this spray adhesive is odorless and colorless. Thus, this Sprayidea 81 stands out as the ideal choice for machine embroiderers seeking a safe and reliable adhesive.

Tips for Using Spray Adhesive in Embroidery Patch Making 

  • Choose a fabric that is suitable for embroidery. Choose fabrics like linen or cotton to stitch the patch easily.
  • Remove any dirt, oils, or sizing that might affect the adhesive’s bond.
  • Spray adhesives contain fumes, so ensure proper ventilation while using them.
  • Lay down newspaper or scrap fabric to prevent overspray from sticking to your workspace.
  • Hold the can 6-8 inches away from the fabric as instructed on the product label.
  • Do not over-spray because too much adhesive can make the fabric stiff and difficult to stitch through.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut away any extra fabric around the edges of your patch.
  • If your patch fabric allows it, ironing can help make it flat and crisp. Always check the care instructions for your fabric before ironing.


In conclusion, this guide has explored the transformative power of embroidery spray adhesives, particularly for creating flawless embroidered patches. Choosing the right adhesive is critical, and the spray glues from Sprayidea are the best choice for stitching patches. You can transform a simple piece of fabric with spray adhesive into a stunning work of art, adding a touch of personalization and flair to your favorite clothing, bags, or accessories.