What is Multipurpose Spray Adhesive Use for?

There are so many kinds of multipurpose spray adhesives on the market. Sometimes we know they could bond materials, but we do not understand well how to use them well. Today we are going to do this research and take Sprayidea multipurpose as an example.

Why call it multi-purpose spray glue?

What is the meaning of “multipurpose”? That may be two reasons.

One is that they could bond lots of materials. They can bond light materials, like fabric, and hard materials, like plastic. Besides, they can bond normal materials such as paper and other composite applications. You will find that it bonds well to most of the materials we use in our daily life. Typical applications include but not limited in:

  • general assembly
  • temporary holding
  • palletizing
  • label attachment, etc.

The Second reason is they provide temporary and permanent bonding. The Sprayidea multipurpose spray adhesive can remain tacky for a long time, about 60 minutes. During these time you can change the materials’ place many times until perfect. This tacky time would be a little different from different brands. For example, Gorilla Glue may be only 10 minutes. These are also two clear advantages of multi-purpose spray glue.

Advantages of multi-purpose spray adhesive

If we talk about the advantage, I think there would be several others parts, too.

  1. Can bond to any surface. The spray adhesives offer a convenient and efficient way. They can apply adhesive to large, inaccessibly or irregularly shaped surfaces with flexible operation.
  2. Strong stickiness. The bonding would not be divided even we damage the material.
  3. Stay soft. The adhesive would not be hard. So when you need to glue those soft materials, there will be no hard lumps after the glue dries.

Operation of multi-purpose spray adhesive

Now let’s talk about the operation.

  • Before using multipurpose spray adhesive, you need to shake it well.
  • Then put it about 8-10 inches from the materials, evenly spray, and wait 30 seconds.
  • When the adhesive would not transfer to your finger, that is the best time to bond materials.
  • Don’t forget you still have many chances to adjust to the exact place.
  • But after 24 hours, the spray adhesive would be a permanent bond.


Compared to the other glue, the multipurpose spray adhesive is really “multipurpose”. And it does offer more convenience and effectiveness for us with spraying. And there are lots of ways and tips for use.