Choosing A High Quality Embroidery Spray Adhesive

Embroidery spray adhesive, a widely recognized chemical synthetic adhesive product. It is widely used in garments, home textiles, toys and other fields. At present, there are few top spray adhesive brands in the market and only a few in the textile embroidery industry. It can be said that there are different brands with different benefits. Therefore, choosing the right one according to the product characteristics and your situation is vital.

how to choose a high-quality embroidery spray adhesive

Here, I would like to share with more customers how to choose a high-quality embroidery spray adhesive on the market.

  • A high-quality embroidery spray adhesive must meet the certification standards of international chemical testing agencies.
  • And it can be healthy and pollution-free during use.
  • Providing a safer and more reliable guarantee in baby clothes, plush toys, intimate underwear, etc.

Nowadays, “environmental protection” has increasingly become the key to the brand’s invincibility. When customers choose products, they also pay more attention to whether the products are environmentally friendly and healthy.

Sprayidea 81 the best high quality embroidery spray glue

As a well-known brand in the aerosol industry, Sprayidea also has its own insistence on environmental protection.

Take Sprayidea No. 81 embroidery spray glue as an example. We produce this product with extremely strict standards. In order to practice the brand’s emphasis on environmental protection. This product complies with the EU REACH standard, SGS certification, and other industry process standards.
It has an excellent performance in

  • The high-end textile embroidery printing process
  • Baby clothes
  • Underwear
  • Plush toys and other aspects


In a comprehensive view, environmental protection is not the only thing for considering the practicality of a product. But it is enough to reflect the responsibility of a brand, which is also an important basis for us in choosing a partner.