How to Choose an Effective and Healthy Multipurpose Spray Adhesives?

Have you ever met the problem that spray adhesive would not bond well? Do you have ever purchased the industrial spray adhesive that smells terrible? Have you ever had many workers fall ill after they stay in the workshop? That may be caused by unqualified spray glue.

Here, we find 2 rules. If you follow them, you can choose a rather good product.

Two Guidelines to Select Spray Glue

Standards the Glue Meets

There are many standards for manufacturing industrial aerosol products, such as:

  • SGS-certified
  • REACH standard
  • Low VOC

The more certified spray adhesive can reach, the more we consider the manufacturer would be more strict. And the products would be more healthy.

For example, if you choose a multipurpose spray adhesive that reaches all of these standards like Sprayidea 92, you would be less harmed by this chem. The more strictly manufacturer do, the more healthy customers gain.

Product Parameters

Then we can pay attention to data, such as the solid content, tacky time, the temperature resistance. Sometimes it would show in the product manual. But if not, you can ask the seller. Most sellers would own this information from suppliers.

Let’s take Sprayidea 92 multipurpose spray adhesive as an example again. The seller may tell you it is 2 times coverage to similar products. Its tacky time is 60 minutes and much longer than similar products. This data may show it is a rather good product. It may be the best, maybe the leader’s quality.


What advice do you have on how to choose a good glue? Welcome for sharing.