Embroidery Technology: Sprayidea 85 Spray Adhesive for Embroidery Machine

At present, China’s garment industry is rapidly rising. Domestic brands are focusing on cultural promotion and independent innovation. Embroidery, as an excellent traditional Chinese clothing decoration technique, is gaining more and more popularity among clothing manufacturers and consumers.

The Art of Embroidery in Garment Manufacturing

Do you know? There are many details behind the small embroidery. From an embroidery piece to its final completion, Sprayidea plays a crucial role.

The Role of Sprayidea in the Embroidery Process

During this process, the maker needs to spray embroidery spray glue on the back of the embroidery and attach a backing. This step is to ensure that the stretch fabric does not wrinkle during the embroidery process. After the embroidery is complete, the producer can remove the liner. This process may seem simple, but it is an important factor to consider in the performance of embroidery spray glue. For example, whether the color of the spray adhesive is appropriate for the garment, whether it causes residue on the garment, and whether it provides multiple effects for the producer.  With these factors in mind, some manufacturers specializing in high-quality apparel often choose Sprayidea’s Embroidery Spray Adhesive to assist them in their production.

sprayidea 85 Embroidery Spray Adhesive

Why choose Sprayidea’s Embroidery Spray Adhesive ?

Sprayidea No.85 High-Strength Embroidery Spray Adhesive is internationally approved. It does not leave any residue on the garment. And it is clear and misted to suit all colors of fabric. Whats more, Sprayidea has improved the formula so that the spray adhesive can stay on longer, eliminating the need for repeat spraying. Sprayidea’s embroidery spray adhesive products, with years of domestic and international sales history, are well recognized by the industry. If you need a powerful assistant for your products, you can contact us for a one-to-one consultation.