3M Spray Adhesive Alternatives

3m is a leader in our industry. Similarly, its glue is more like a luxury in the spray glue industry. Nothing wrong with it except that it is expensive. As a professional spray adhesive manufacturer, we provide ODM & OEM service. And we have the ability to produce 3M spray adhesive alternatives. In this article, you can find out which spray adhesive has the same function as 3M spray adhesive. These spray adhesives are much cheaper. They basically have no brand premium.

3M spray Adhesive Substitute Product List

3m spray adhesive name Economic Alternative Name
3M 77 Sprayidea 92
3M74/24 Sprayidea 32
3M75 Sprayidea 80
3M72 Sprayidea 96
3M80/94 Sprayidea 31
3M71 Sprayidea 95
3M90 Sprayidea 97
3M78/76 Sprayidea 33
3M27 Sprayidea 35

You can quickly navigate to the product description page by clicking on the name of the alternative product in the table. In the same way, I will explain in detail which 3m glue these products replace.

details of 3M spray adhesive alternatives

3M Super 77 alternative: Sprayidea 92 Multi-purpose spray adhesive

It is a substitute for the 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive. This spray glue is free of formaldehyde, benzene and chlorinated solvents. Friendly to the environment, without any pollution. They are widely used to bond various materials, such as foam, cloth, plastic, metal, wood, and paper.Suitable for

  • home decoration
  • car maintenance
  • billboard production
  • furniture manufacturing
  • aerospace and other industries

3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive alternative: Sprayidea 32 Sponge Spray Adhesive

This glue is a cheap replacement for 3m 74 and 3m 24. This spray glue is designed for bonding acoustic foam, rubber, fabric, paper and many other substrates to a wide variety of flat surfaces. Its scope of application is wider. As long as it is where the two types of glue of 3m can be used, Sprayidea 32 can play a good role.

3M 75 Spray Adhesive alternative: Sprayidea 80 Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 80, like 3m 75, is a repositionable spray glue. This adhesive also has a low soak-in formula. It will not penetrate and stain when pasting some very delicate materials. It can be used on display boards, crafts, paper, tape&label, posters, drawings, etc. Another very important point is that it is friendly to the environment.

3M Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 72 alternative: Sprayidea 96 Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive

This pressure-sensitive adhesive spray is a multi-purpose spray glue. It can be used to glue various materials. Because it is very pressure sensitive, you can form a strong bond with light pressure. It is commonly used to bond electronic components. So when you need to glue some objects that are easily damaged by force, you can consider using this spray glue. It has no requirements on the surface of the object to be bonded and can bring strong adhesion to flat or uneven surfaces.

3M 80 Spray Adhesive/3M Primer 94 alternative: Sprayidea 31 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 31 is the same industry degree spray adhesive as 3M80 & 94. This glue combines the advantages of the 3M 80 and 3m 94. It is a high-performance quick-drying glue. It can firmly paste various materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, pottery and so on. Its main features are:

  1. High viscosity
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. High heat resistance
  4. High-strength bonding.

It is suitable for applications requiring fast bonding combined with high durability and strength.

3M 71 Spray Adhesive alternative: Sprayidea 95 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 95 is a multi-purpose, quick-drying spray glue. It is a cheap alternative to 3m71. It can basically be used wherever the 3m 71 can be used. Because it can provide extreme stickiness. And it can remain sticky at minus 30 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. So its scope of use is vast. It can act as a perfect fixing glue. It is suitable for large projects like aerospace, yacht, wind blade, etc.

3M 90 Spray Adhesive alternative: Sprayidea 97 Heavy-duty Headliner Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 97 is the same as 3M90. You can use it to adhering these things:

  • Fastening Headliner & Ceiling Systems
  • Adhering Floor Coverings
  • Insulation Attachment
  • Large Surface Lamination Assembly
  • Gasket Assembly
  • Edge Band Wood Panel Bonding

For use in the car headliner needs stricter requirements, so we named it headliner spray adhesive. So when you need to use 3M 90 High Strength Spray Adhesive, you may consider using this product as a replacement.

3M 78 Spray Adhesive/3M Hi tack 76 Spray Adhesive 72 alternative: Sprayidea 33 Polystyrene Insulation Spray Adhesive

This spray glue caters to bond polystyrene (EPS). It will not corrode Polystyrene. Sprayidea 33 can better stick Polystyrene to other surfaces to achieve a good insulation effect. This glue is very suitable for thermal insulation and HVAC industrials.

3M 27 Spray Adhesive alternative: Sprayidea 32 Hold Fast Spray Adhesive

Spraidea 32  is a glue that can bond instantly. It is suitable to bond cotton fabric, paper, plastic, sheet, etc. This is a clear misty spray, so there will be no color crossover during use.


The adhesive industry itself is highly competitive. Many powerful manufacturers can produce affordable alternatives. So although 3M glue has its advantages, there are also many good and cheap alternatives on the market. Sprayidea has a strong research team that can develop glue with satisfactory effect according to the purpose of its use. They guarantee that these replacements have at least the basic performance of the 3M products. Some products will even have more powerful performance than the corresponding 3m glue. If you want to know if there are cheap alternatives to other 3m glue, you can leave a message on our website. Professionals will answer later.